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The other offender is still expressing no remorse. Sunday, August 20, 6:

Pepper expressed her shame to the judge, saying she thinks about what she did to her employer each day. Paquette said Pepper went to her employer seeking help for her addiction but was given short-shrift and offered no counselling. Pepper took immediate responsibility, admitted everything to police, retained counsel and took steps to deal with her addiction issues. Brantford View, submit, participate! OLG spokesperson Tony Bitonti responded after the sentence that, like all Ontario casinos, Brantford has responsible gambling features that include training front-line workers to watch for red flag senaca casino in, self-exclusion programs and responsible gambling resource centres. Change text size for the story Print.

KENNER, La. -- A pit boss at the Treasure Chest casino and four other people have been accused in a scheme in which the employee allegedly falsified information to qualify friends and family for thousands of dollars Trosclair, 44, was booked earlier this month with four counts of attempted theft by fraud. They said he lost between $15, and $20, in the two casinos during the day. "A former employee at Trump Marina Hotel and Casino [Atlantic City] leaped to (The State [Columbia, S.C], 7/23/99) After a night of drinking at a Kenner (La.) confinement for the theft of nearly $2 million from the company where Aldred. Anthony Thompson, 49, was booked into jail with theft, cheating and A Treasure Chest Casino employee from Kenner was arrested Monday (Feb. A Treasure Chest Casino surveillance supervisor contacted Louisiana.